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You have your hands on a Meteor app. It has its value yet should use some tuning. It’s been a while since it was looked at under the hood. As a Meteor prime partner since 2015, that’s where we fit. We are Meteor Core Contributors.
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What we do?
Making your app great again.
We’ve been developing Meteor stuff since mid-2013, and we know it inside out. Whatever problem your app suffers from – be it performance, consistency or structure – we’ve been there more than once and know exactly what to do.
"MealsUnite" was a project, which was bogged down in technological debt, always in a "soon to be released" state. We managed to help the client tackle the most significant obstacles and launch it within a few weeks.
"Stage3Systems" was experiencing a problem with Meteor update and optimization, which they estimated for 2 months of work. They approached other Meteor consultants, yet no one was able to fix it. We did it in 10 hours.
"aleno" is a system originally started in Meteor as MVP. Over the years of cooperation, we refined it and migrated from Blaze and Meteor to React, GraphQL and Apollo, among others. We can do the same for you.
Why choose us?
Making your app great again.
Our Meteor developers established reputation for creating complex management systems based on classic Meteor (Mongo/Blaze) or its more hybrid evolutions (React, GraphQL/Apollo), as well as migrating first into the second.
We did our share in the open-source territory, and our packages are among the most popular in the Meteor community.
Our most popular GITHUB packs
Bunch of React components and helpers to easily generate and validate forms.
Internationalization package for React and Meteor.
Meteor collection on steroids.
so far and still counting
I used uniforms myself, they are the autoforms of React. I think it’s an absolutely amazing package and deserves more praise.
Jerremy McConnors
We share knowledge
Read our guest blog post on Meteor official blog, from Maciek Stasiełuk, our software architect, about how to manage forms in a Meteor/React projects with the uniforms package.
Check our Meteor community on Meetup, which we develop with passion since 2014 with Meteor Development Group.
Take a look at our presentations that we created for training and bootcamps in 2014, and after that, we decided to share this knowledge with others.
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They already trusted us, do not wait
Contact us through the form, and you’ll get a full technological audit of your Meteor app. Our thorough examination of your product will give you a clear picture of what needs to be done and when.
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