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Why Node

Choose Node for web and mobile development?

As a part of the JavaScript stack, Node is a great back-end tool for all JS developers. Together with React and React Native, Node completes the stack in a meaningful way. This means that web and mobile front-end as well as back-end can be handled by one team, and sometimes even by one full-stack developer.


Fast processing

When it comes to concurrent processing, Node is faster than Java and PHP (as measured by server-side I/O performance).


Node is perfect for microservices. This allows to break up the app’s logic into smaller pieces and enables the product’s growth.

Powerful, free tools

As a part of JavaScript stack, Node is rich in free, open source tools that speed up the development and reduce time to market.

Our expert

What our CTO thinks?

Node allows us to write universal JavaScript code and share business logic between the frontend and backend. Reusing the code reduces boilerplate and, as a result - time to market.

Maciej Stasiełuk

CTO at Vazco

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uniforms: more than 500k downloads of our open source library

uniforms are our flagship open-source contribution. It’s a set of open-source libraries capable of instantly generating any given form. It supports all schemas and themes, allows instant prototyping, and simplifies separation of concerns.

Case studies

Web applications we built with Node


A tablet-focused reservation management system for restaurants.


A disruptive mobile app for club management, allowing ordering drinks, mobile payments and ticket sales.


A system for booking and managing beauty salons, physiotherapists, personal trainers and other vendors.


We choose JavaScript and complementary technologies for versatility and speed


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Let’s build it together

If you are building a digital product, you need a reliable, stable and technologically advanced partner, who will take care of building a team of experienced developers, so that you can focus on your business. At Vazco, we’ve been developing web and mobile apps since 2009, and have completed dozens of projects. Our clients have benefitted from a mature approach of our engineers, testers, product owners and designers. Being located in Wrocław, Poland - a 1M urban area and a major academic and technological hub - gives us access to great talent.

Frequently asked questions


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment, which means that you can run JavaScript code not only in the browser but also in the server environment - on the backend.

Node.js is open-source and mature, with over ten years in the market. It's loved by small companies, start-ups, and large corporations, including PayPal, Microsoft, and Netflix.

Single programming language across the whole application stack has many advantages:

  • At Vazco, every developer is a full-stack developer, with the ability to write code for both backend and frontend. No more conflicts between teams. Everyone is in the same boat.
  • We can reuse the business code if needed. Some critical parts of the application (e.g., validation logic or optimistic UI) require the same business domain-specific code on both backend and frontend.
  • Unified tooling. We can use the same tools to ensure high code quality across the whole stack and less maintenance burden.

Every programming language has some advantages and disadvantages. We have found our sweet spot with TypeScript and Node.js.

Node is fast and lightweight, making it a good choice for microservices and products under high load, similar to Golang.

Simultaneously, the community and ecosystem behind it make it a solid choice for start-ups and products where time to market is crucial - an area where Ruby used to shine for many years.

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