React Native

Build platform-specific native apps for iOS and Android

  • Generate platform-specific code that automates and optimizes project work.
  • Ready-to-use user UX libraries in the ecosystem allow a smoother interface experience.
  • Development takes less time thanks to the Hot Reloading function, which automatically reloads the mobile application.

Case studies

Products we built for our clients with React Native


A disruptive mobile app for club management, allowing ordering drinks, mobile payments and ticket sales.


A lifestyle social network connecting travelers.


A social messaging solution integrating multiple social channels.

Why React Native?

Choose React Native for mobile app development

React Native allows developers to build platform-specific native apps using one programming language. It means faster and more effective development without compromising the quality. In addition, apps on both iOS and Android can be maintained by one team of developers.

React Native

Easy native development

React native enables developing native apps with platform-agnostic native components for faster delivery.

Seamless cross-platform

Reacts allows teams of JavaScript developers to develop truly native apps for iOS and Android.

Quick refresh

As soon as you save the code, changes are visible immediately. This speeds up iterative work without waiting for native builds to finish.

Our expert

What our CTO thinks?

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Cross-platform native development was never an easy task. With React Native, we can reuse our teams' experience with React and JavaScript to deliver native mobile apps quickly.

Maciej Stasiełuk

CTO at Vazco

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If you are building a digital product, you need a reliable, stable, and technologically advanced partner who will take care of building a team of experienced developers so that you can focus on your business.

At Vazco, we’ve been developing web and mobile apps since 2009 and have completed dozens of projects. Our clients have benefitted from a mature approach of our engineers, testers, product owners, and designers.

Being located in Wrocław, Poland - a 1M urban area and a major academic and technological hub - gives us access to great talents.

Frequently asked questions

React Native

Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked by our Clients about React Native technology.

Yes, and no, but mostly no.

The react philosophy is "Learn once; write everywhere", an alternative approach than "Write once; run everywhere".

This means that if you learn React's philosophy, you can effectively write both React and React Native code. But does not mean that code written for one will work for another. This is because both frameworks target different environments. React is for web-based applications and manages HTML. React Native is for native mobile apps (iOS, Android, and others) and uses native components.

React Native is a good fit for building a native mobile application without a need for separate iOS and Android development teams.

While it's not the only cross-platform solution on the market, it gains a lot from React's popularity. Developers with frontend experience can quickly grasp the concepts and be productive working on mobile applications. And one team of developers instead of three means lower costs and a more consistent product.

They are different, so it depends on the use case.

If you already have a web app and need a 1:1 copy available from the stores, Cordova/PhoneGap/Capacitor would probably be a better choice. Creating a mobile app from the web app's source code would require only one codebase to maintain and yield results quicker.

But if the app's primary target is mobile and must be optimized for the mobile experience, then going with React Native would be a better approach in the long run. Native components give better performance and an "app feeling" that Cordova sometimes lacks.

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