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Your Future at Vazco

Let your work make you happier!

  • Speed up your career - we have a culture focused on growing your skills and providing you responsible roles as soon as you’re ready
  • Get mentoring of experts in a wide range of technologies - React, Node.js, TypeScript, ReactNative, GraphQL, Meteor, and more
  • Join innovative, impactful projects - scale-ups and start-up’s, using bleeding-edge tech solutions
  • Work in elastic timeframe and hours, and remote-first approach
  • Contribute to OpenSource community, and non-profit projects for NGO’s

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Why join Vazco?

Technological perfection and open-source vibe

Join a team built by developers and with developers in mind. As a software development company, we pay attention to which technologies we use and how we use them - that is why tech decisions are often up to us.

At Vazco, you will be:

  • encouraged to experiment,
  • contribute your code to the community,
  • work on our open source solutions, which hundreds of thousands of people worldwide use.

Open source means an open mind so that you will find yourself in a flat structure, with little management overhead and direct communication with the whole team, including the CEO.

Growth options

We bet on our team

You can participate in:

  • Tech-Lead circle - every week, our tech leads meet to exchange knowledge, talk about situations on their projects, and discuss how they can help each other. This way, you can always use the experience and guidance of tech leads
  • Open Source circle - you can participate in contributing to the Open Source community and build your presence in the Open Source world, within your work time
  • we're actively supporting the personal brand of our experienced developers by giving them a chance to participate in conferences, meetups, and events, related to e.g., GraphQL, React, Meteor, and others.
  • we have robust feedback and mentoring system focused on maximizing your growth in a structured way. It includes e.g., SFIA-based tech feedback, personal career goals that we help you to reach, and other tools. We do this through a personalized approach.
  • Meetings within ITCorner, and beyond - we cooperate with other software houses and exchange knowledge on new tech topics. You always have a chance to use the help of the most experienced people within the industry, from all over Poland, and often beyond

We believe that betting on the growth of our developers makes great developers join our team. In the end, those great developers attract other great developers. It's what allows us to deliver great value.


What do we offer?

  • a friendly, easy-going atmosphere
  • opportunities to gain experience with the latest technologies
  • attractive projects for clients from throughout the world
  • truly flexible work hours
  • remote-first company, with an office in Wrocław, that we regularly use for meetings and fun, and as an optional co-working space

Flexible hours

Make the most of your time by organizing your work flexibly

Work from anywhere

Home office or beach office, it’s always an option

Central office

Our office is located not far from Wrocław’s Market Square

Chill room

Relax after work, or before work, or in between

Flat structure

Minimum hierarchy and management - talk to our CEO directly


After exercising your brain, train your body too

English lessons

Improve your English communication skills

Team parties

Let’s enjoy an evening together, once in a while


We choose JavaScript technologies for versatility & speed


Employee opinion

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The cool thing about the company is that new people get good support from experienced programmers. I got a responsible role in a big project pretty quickly and I feel like I'm growing as a developer. I like that it is based on real skills and not, for example, seniority.

Adrian Mucha

Tech lead at Vazco

Vazco ecosystem

Behind the doors of our office

The code we enjoy

We are software craftsmen and enjoy writing clear code that lasts. Peer reviews, pair programming, internal hackathons and ongoing tech workshops help us become better professionals. We strive to deliver a well organized, transparent and future-proof code that we can sign off with clear conscience.

Developer Experience

Many companies (us included!) put lots of effort into the User Experience (UX). But for us, as a software company, there is an even more important concept - the Developer Experience (DX).

We like to work with bleeding-edge technologies, experiment, and try new things out. Working on exciting projects like innovative start-ups helps here as well.

A friendly, open, non-bullshit company culture and processes are crucial for a positive Developer Experience, just as the tools and frameworks.

So we got the philosophy of a positive Developer Experience baked into our core because happy developers make great software.

Employee opinion

From the technical point of view

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Bleeding-edge technologies and flexible work hours got my attention, but engaging projects and friendly relations within the team make me stay longer. I feel that I influence what I do, and it motivates me to develop my skills constantly - here, I know that it matters.

Konrad Bosak

Senior Full Stack Developer at Vazco


We are community builders

We believe that giving back to the community is essential.

That's why we actively cooperate with Tech to the rescue, working on non-profit projects for NGOs from all around the world.

By joining Vazco, you can get a chance to work on NGO's projects of your choosing, during your paid hours.

We're members of ITCorner, as we believe in the growth and exchange of knowledge. It's an association of 120 IT companies that we actively helped to build, since 2016. Our active participation in ITCorner gives you a few great benefits:

  • access knowledge and support of multiple experts, from 120+ companies
  • great quality training sessions, organized between companies
  • events not available to smaller companies

ITCorner gives Vazco great access to business knowledge, which makes us a more efficient IT company, with stable growth.

Our numbers



We launched Vazco a decade ago, delivering value, with a win-win approach.


People on board

Our project teams consist of developers, product owners, and testers. We organize the company through circles.


Completed projects

We finalized many projects, most of them being complex web and mobile apps.

Employee opinion

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Working at Vazco is sheer enjoyment. Flexible work time and the opportunity to work remotely make that you can do it anytime, anywhere. The atmosphere in our company makes that the team is our strength. Everyone on board is ready to help. I think that’s a perfect place to develop yourself.

Marcin Pendziwiatr

Marketing Project Manager at Vazco


The place we meet in

Our location

How to find us

What’s next

How to join us?

Below you'll find how our recruitment process goes. Literally, piece of cake. 4 quick steps to do join our Vazco crew.


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Take a deep look into our recruitment process

Are you interested in the way how we hire people in Vazco? Good. Radek - Our Software Architect explained step by step the entire recruitment process developed through years of testing a variety of solutions.

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