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The atmosphere in our office is fairly informal and easy going. We value creativity and self-initiative, and offer our employees opportunities to advance their skills and competence, thus helping them to achieve their professional and personal goals as defined by themselves.

What we offer:

  • a friendly, easy going atmosphere
  • opportunities to gain experience with the latest technologies
  • attractive projects for clients from throughout the world
  • truly flexible work hours
  • projects developed in Agile methodologies
  • occasional professional trips abroad and overseas, eg. to the USA

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Job offers

Senior Full Stack Developer


Lead Implementation and development of innovative projects for start-ups and enterprises, optimized for high traffic loads. Working with our standard technological stack – Node.js, React, GraphQL, Apollo, Meteor, and a will to adapt to new bleeding edge technologies in the future.

  • Starting greenfield projects

    • planning processes and work patterns (deployment, GIT)
    • quality control, performance control, security control – selecting and applying tools suitable for the job
    • co-defining good software development principles
    • discussing with clients best technological solutions to client’s goals
  • Caring for good quality

    • keeping technological debt as low as possible
    • controlling the quality during code review/peer review process
    • projecting and creating automated tests
    • managing open-source code, caring for OS packages
    • active participation in introducing new technologies in the company
    • participation and help in improving quality and efficiency throughout the team as well as the company
  • Knowledge

    • very good knowledge of JavaScript, React, Node.js
    • working knowledge of MongoDB, relational databases, HTML5/CSS3 and related technologies
    • good command of English
We appreciate
  • creating and maintaining open-source packages
  • ability to be a company representative at meetups and conferences, and/or contribute valuably with articles and other activities
  • familiarity with GraphQL, React Native, Meteor
  • experience with working on systems supporting high traffic
We offer
  • latest technologies

    • we invest in emerging technologies
    • we work with technologies in their early-adopters to late-maturity phases
  • open culture

    • we encourage sharing knowledge and mechanisms inside the company, to create and facilitate flexibility, collectiveness and professional self-development of both company and its employees
    • we build pro-active teams, participating in all product making stages
  • flat structure based on partnership, collectiveness, and reciprocity
  • quick, non-hierarchical decision making
  • real professional development support
  • flexible work hours and work arrangements
  • comfortable office located in renovated tenement at Podwale 7 (heart of the city)

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Job offers

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Phone: +48609257363


Opole, 45-470
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Wrocław, 50-043
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