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A tablet-focused reservation management system for restaurants.

  • Rapid development
  • Long-term partnership
  • Market success


A system for booking and managing beauty salons, physiotherapists, personal trainers, and other vendors.

  • From prototype to product
  • Prompt increase of app registered vendors
  • Ready for market growth and international expansion


A disruptive mobile app for club management, allowing ordering drinks, mobile payments and ticket sales.

  • Quick prototyping and launch
  • Project for the founder of Trivago
  • Efficient pivot, during COVID times


Our projects


A set of open source libraries with over-handling forms in React.


High-quality 3D Configurator that allows customers to create their dream sofa in real-time.


Low Code Development Platform for workflow management: processes, models, and document management.


A construction project management software to plan, coordinate and finalize work at construction sites, in a data-driven and test-driven process.


Modern QA software to help CX teams understand and create the best customer experiences on a project of any scale.


A machine learning mobile app that helps salespeople get new contacts and accelerate sales.

Shoof Doctor

Web & mobile app for booking telemedicine consultations for patients and doctors, plus managing medical services of labs & radio-centers.


A platform coordinating the work of caregivers from multiple organizations.


Elsevier book reader for medical students.


A social messaging solution integrating multiple social channels.

Velocity chess

A blitz chess gaming platform offering live games and tournaments.


A platform connecting writers with readers to enable creative cooperation.


A high school-centered social network focused around class, level, and college. Built with an interactive Meteor interface.


A guest management platform for sit-down events.

ECC Broadcast

Live broadcast of chess tournaments on a virtual chessboard.

Learning circle

A knowledge-sharing platform, built in cooperation with Newcastle University, allowing students to learn from one another.


Helping broadcasters and publishers find and obtain digital rights to real-time Instagram user-generated content.


A complex web system helping determine unique cosmetics offers based on customer-specific needs and preferences.

Manage platform

A custom project management platform for specific business needs.

Meals Unite

Online marketplace inspiring guests to share a meal at the private home of a host.


A gig work application for artists and other individuals.


A Cloud-based agency operating system for shipping agents.


A lifestyle social network connecting travelers.

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