A complex web system helping determine unique cosmetics offers based on customer-specific needs and preferences.

  • Deep modernization of app
  • Rapid development
  • Payments system


What did the client expect?

Improve existing MVP

The existing app we took over was in need of modernization, new functionalities, and scalability.

Work on a list of specs

The list of specifications was not clear in the beginning and we had to work on them with the client.

Integrate mailing and payments

To make the site commercially viable we had to integrate mailing systems and payments with it.


How did we work on the project?

A Paris-based company specializing in customized cosmetics production contacted us with a seemingly unmaintainable MVP. The static site with inadequate backend was in use, yet desperately in need of a major modernization, payment and mailing functionalities, scalability, customized layouts, etc.

With short deadlines, imprecise specs and provided with very general wireframes only, we focused on functionalities rather than layouts first, and then gradually expanded.

We migrated the old PostgreSQL database to in a working, in-use environment and introduced Stripe payments, Sendgrid-based mailing, visually rich, and complex layouts.

Our experience enabled us to design a future-proof, scalable solution really quickly, with each sprint delivering value to the end-user.


What did we achieve?

The app we built met the business criteria expected by the client and is in use. It is a source of new clients and serves existing customers by helping them compose unique formulas based on their individual needs.

Deep modernization

The existing app was revamped and improved

Rapid development

We met tight deadlines set by the client

Payments system

We integrated Stripe to streamline payments


Key features

  • serverless architecture via a service
  • server-side rendering
  • payment system via Stripe service
  • mailing system via Sendgrid service
  • customer profile generation based on a quiz app with a complex set of rules
  • customer zone with customizable profile
  • back-office app

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