A Cloud-based agency operating system for shipping agents.

  • Fast update of Meteor
  • Bringing the system back to health
  • High ROI of the project


What did the client expect?

Revitalize existing product

We took over an existing Meteor-based application and were responsible for bringing it back to shape.

Reduce code debt

The technological debt was significant, and a large part of our work in the initial stages focused on refactoring.

Speed up page loading

Due to the overall shape of the application, page loading was slow and the client asked us to improve the performance.


How did we work on the project?

Our client, Stage3System is an expert in global shipping industry.

We were asked to take over a Meteor-based project – a precursor of – and revitalize it in terms of performance, optimisation and lower code debt ratio.

It was a complex task as the app was overloaded with issues. Page loading times were long, the system was prone to crash at random and it was generally complicated to boot it up.

We started with a thorough technical audit of the app and then were tasked with making it usable and publishable.

The most obvious place to start was updating Meteor on the project. Our client estimated it at roughly 200 hours yet we squeezed it to just around 10 and then, within a couple of days, managed to address all critical issues.

On top of that, we provided monthly consultations for the client, advising on how to tackle crucial issues.


What did we achieve?

One of the significant achievements of the project was the renewed viability of the application. This resulted in its increased market value - our client was able to sell the application to following our project.

Fast update of Meteor

The client expected the update of Meteor would take 200 hours - we did it in just 10 hours.

Bringing the system back to health

The failing application was restored and brought back to life.

High ROI of the project

After the project, the market value of the solution increased and a buyer was found.


Key features

  • the audit focused on performance, technological debt, and security
  • meteor update
  • addressing critical issues
  • consultations
  • ongoing support for the project

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