A set of open source libraries with over-handling forms in React.

  • Open source project
  • Easy React forms
  • Over 1 400 000 downloads


What did the client expect?

Automate form generation in React

We wanted to automate and simplify the form generation in React.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Open source means our clients are not reliant on a specific provider but can use available code for free.

Share with community

Making source code available to users and developers globally makes the world a better place.


How did we work on the project?

At Vazco, we often release our open-source packages to avoid vendor lock-in for our clients simply because we believe in OSS.

It saves us testing time and allows us to lower costs while at the same time giving our clients an insight into the quality of our code. We also like to give back to the community.

Managing forms in React can be a tedious task. When creating a forms package for React, our goal was to speed up the development of this ubiquitous functionality. We planned to build an automatic form generator, which would be easy to use in simple scenarios, and at the same time, powerful enough to support even complex cases.

Radosław Miernik led the project and created a great package and a wonderful community around it. As a result, uniforms are now in the TOP5 popular React forms packages on GitHub, with over 1.500 stars and 1.400.000 downloads per month in npm.

We tried a few concepts for the gradual automation of forms before we started the implementation of uniforms. The final version supports GraphQL, SimpleSchema v.1, and v.2, allowing us to generate forms based on a schema. It enables developers to create custom fields with just one line of code and supports easy tweaking of form layouts to make them fit a custom UI.


What did we achieve?

As our flagship open-source package, uniforms are a great success in the community. It helps speed up the development of forms in React for our clients and companies across the globe. We are happy that our internal project became a popular tool for software engineers.

Open-source project

uniforms are available to everyone, free of charge

Easy React forms

Complex package that speeds up work

+ 1 400 000 downloads

Popular with users worldwide


Key features

  • supports the creation of custom fields with one line of code
  • GraphQL support
  • SimpleSchema and SimpleSchema@2 support
  • wide range of themes

Expert's opinion

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uniforms it’s one and the only library that allows you to have greater flexibility on top of the React platform to building forms you like, with great robustness with advanced support of many different forms inputs.

Wojtek Trocki

Team Lead at RedHat

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