A lifestyle social network connecting travelers.

  • From MVP to launch
  • On-time delivery
  • Installed by thousands
React Native


What did the client expect?

The third attempt

The client had built two unsuccessful MVPs before, and there was little room for failure.

Time constraints

We had to be in ongoing contact with the client’s team to meet the tight deadline.

We had to be in ongoing contact with the client’s team to meet the tight deadline.

As an app for travelers, Wombee had to be developed for Android and iOS in mind.


How we solved the problem

The client turned to us after two other MVPs that proved unsuccessful. We were asked to create a final one.

Working within tight time constraints, we had to constantly be in touch with the client so that we could clarify his requirements and expectations as we moved along. The scope of the work as originally planned was too broad for the limited time we had been given. We decided to help the client carefully redefine the product to deliver it in the minimal viable form without crossing the planned deadline.

To build the mobile app we chose React Native as it combined fast development with a native look and feel for the end-user.

The client requested us to build a highly maintainable code, based on serverless architecture. We picked graph.cool since we had had relevant experience and found it technologically adequate fast to develop. As the business model was based specifically on distances between users, we chose Algolia in order to support geolocation queries - which were not supported in graph.cool.


What did we achieve?

The app we built went live and is available for download from AppStore and Google Play. Since its launch, Wombee has been downloaded by thousands of users around the world.

From MVP to launch

We started with a basic MVP and moved it to AppStore and Google Play

On-time delivery

The deadline was tight and we did it.

Installed by thousands

The app is available and has been used extensively


Key features

  • real-time user geolocation with visualization on the map
  • real-time chat
  • presence system
  • push notifications
  • internationalization
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We are happy with the collaboration with the Vazco team, which is very professional. They were able to provide us with all the necessary solutions for prioritizing the development of our application in ReactNative.I thank them personally for the engagement commitment and the efficiency of their teams.

Rodolphe Bégard

CEO at Wombee

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Michał Zacher

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